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Best Practice Awards 2019 NEW

    SISWP HQ - Jessica Aylward     Projects of Excellence

Each year, Soroptimist Clubs and Regions are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award. В The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation, В This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.

This is the 2019 Best Practice Award winners.


SI Griffith - Elder Abuse Forum

Elder abuse is a growing problem across Australia as our population ages. It has remained largely hidden and most often occurs within families. While most reported cases are of a financial nature, the abuse can also be psychological, emotional, physical and sexual.

This project’s aim was to build community awareness surrounding the issue of Elder Abuse and provide tools on identifying and reporting any cases and educating people on how to take action. This was achieved by SI Griffith holding a Public Community Forum with guest speaker President of the Commission for Ageing, Professor Rosalind Croucher AM.

SI Griffith worked closely with Griffith Aged Support Service, Griffith City Council and Griffith Exservicemen’s Club to plan and execute the Community Forum. Media released were circulated to local media along with Facebook Advertising and flyers advertising the event. The audience for the Forum was 120 participants.

Elimination of Violence

SI Torrens -В Changing Attitudes

This project was formed from SI Torrens partnering with Women’s Legal Services South Australia and recognising that programmes which can offer assistance to victims of domestic violence, need to be promoted and offered to women working to support these victims.
An event was organised which brought together diverse service providers who could outline their services, provide a means of exchanging information and helping educate front-line workers with information to assist their clients with.

There were 12 service groups who spoke at the event and over 40 more attended and were involved during time allocated for discussion. Over 110 people attended the event.

Economic Empowerment

SI Griffith -В Exploitation of Overseas Workers

This project began through SI Griffith Soroptimist links with SI Mandurah (WA) and SI Moreton North (QLD) with these areas having high numbers of backpackers and other overseas workers and a need to help with advocacy specifically in relation to women backpackers and their safety.
During this advocacy work it was identified through data provided by the Australian Federal Police that there were large numbers of overseas workers to the Griffith area that were being exploited.

SI Griffith aim was to not only host a Community Forum to build awareness of this issue but also undertake further work on this issue, either locally or through advocacy at state and national levels.

SI Griffith created flyers and Facebook posts; media releases were written and sent to local radio stations and newspapers. 70 people attended the forum and further work with the local Salvation Army personnel enabled SI Griffith to organise assistance to overseas workers in the local area who needed help by providing basic food items and assistance in distributing “help” cards to overseas workers.


Si Bangsar -В Health Camp

This project began with a partnership between SI Bangsar, the Regency Hospital and Dr Maria Fernandez of SI Johor Bahru and the recognition of local underprivileged communities that would benefit from access to medical services and education.
Three communities were identified as a focus. These communities included low income families living in low cost housing areas, where incomes are small and women within the communities are lacking in education and skills.

A health camp was organised to provide education on healthy lifestyles, family planning, nutrition and making better future decisions with the help from medical staff from the Regency Hospital and final year Medical Students from Newcastle University.
100 residents from one of the identified communities participated in the programme and were offered blood and body mass index tests, a medical examination, nutrition advice, health and hygiene advice and family planning advice and discussions.

The project also opened the doors for future projects including follow up health checks and a literacy programme as the local women expressed interest in learning English and were keen to bring their children along.

Environmental Sustainability

SI Mackay - Bags for Change

This project aim was to bring together predominately women and girls to educate about the replacing of single-use plastic with environmentally sustainable bags within the local community.

Community service empowers people through expanding social networks. This no-cost project provided an inclusive environment for women and girls to meet and contribute together. Giving these women a sense of belonging to a supportive community along with a sense of achievement.
At least 100 women were involved in the production of these bags from recycled materials and the bags given to St Vinnies who regularly hand out food hampers to disadvantages low income families to use and re-

Best Practice Awards 2016 NEW

    SISWP HQ - Jessica Aylward     Projects of Excellence

Each year, Soroptimist Clubs and Regions are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award. В The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation, В This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.

This is the 2016 Best Practice Award winners.


SI Penang - Education FundВ 

This project, aimed at low income single women households, sought to provide women and girls with the opportunity to pursue higher education orВ to give them a skill to gain better access to employment. It involved fundraising, the establishment of a committee to select and interview people who met the criteria and ensured wide publicity about the scholarships. It ensured monitoring of the project and mentoring of students where required

Elimination of Violence

SI Petaling Jaya - Seeed Jobs for Life

Soroptimists Educate, Empower and Enable,В Dream JobsВ for life addressed an urgent need to enable young at risk women aged 18 to 26 years, these women were from highly vulnerable areas.

В to take a well-planned programme which addressed weak points in their education. Over a 9 week modular high impact
transformation programme addressing job skills, career placement and economic empowerment these girls were able to transform their economic employment opportunities. Careful monitoring, ongoing assessment and independent evaluation were all part of this successful and nationally acclaimed programme.

Environmental Sustainability

SI Penang - Winds of Change PFR#42367

This project addressed the needs of a Women’s Welfare Council that assisted unwed mothers, single mothers and underprivileged children.

SI Penang set up an Environment Project Team, which identified that the Women's Welfare Council building, built in The building built in 1980 had poor air ventilation resulting in hot and stagnant air of very poor quality, this issue could create on going health issue for its residents, especially babies and young children.В  The project team researched and installedВ installedВ 10 wind-powered turbine ventilators an energy efficient and effective system.В  this action has greatly improved the air ventilation.В 

Economic Empowerment

SI Region of South QLD - Photo Voice Focus on Domestic Violence

This project, undertaken in partnership with Photo Voice Australia, Domestic Violence organisations and the state Women's Legal Services, sought to convey the feelings of being in a violent relationship and the difference when free of violence. Each week the women photographed an image to reflect the topic of weekly discussions with a psychologist and then were aided in writing a caption to link their experiences to the image. At the end of the workshops there was a collection of 36 images.В  Facilitated by the Region of South Queensland, the clubs of the region then used the collection for a travelling exhibition.В  The travelling exhibition demonstrated the impact of violence on all aspects of their life and feedback at each exhibition highlighted the emotional impact domestic violence has on whole communities.

Food Security

SI South Perth - Collaboration for Capacity Building

SI South Perth in partnership with Family Foundation Service for homeless families and the Uniting Care Wesley. В The club co-designed a response to meet the needs of women and girls who were homeless through circumstances other than domestic violence.В 

A centre was used to cook meals, do homework and access services to end homelessness. The project had streams all of which were to support access to social and emotional learning. Much attention was given to providing resources to improve self-esteem, encourage emotional resilience and resources to develop behavioural and emotional competency. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation ensured that the process was adaptable to meet changing needs and that the project has continued successfully since its commencement and trial.


SI Bayside & SI Lae - Soroptimists Lighting the Way to Climate Justice

This joint project by SI Bayside and SI Lae, aimed to provide alternative energy devices to women and children in village communities lacking easy access to electricity and with very limited traditional means of access.

This section of the plan involved solar lantern distribution after an exhaustive research and distribution process a suitable solar lantern was identified for distribution to villages. Full acquittals and reports were provided to funding bodies. The second part of the project involved education on the environment and a personal ecological footprint. A web site to do this was established and provides information and the ability to donate to the project. Women and girls in remote Papua New Guinean villages were enabled to study, work at night and be safe while learning about climate issuesВ trial.


SI Lautoka - Assisting Victims Cyclone Winston

Immediately after Cyclone Winston had devastated large areas of Fiji. В SI Lautoka swung into action. В After investigating the area, they determined by personal surveys, where the greatest need was and what emergency supplies were needes .В 

Members of SI Lautoka consulted with advisory counsellors to identify families in distress, with support from SI members and local businesses they organised and distributed food parcels and lighting. They also undertook to get students back into school as soon as possible to reduce trauma and with support from a variety of donors, organised and distributed school packs and uniforms. The project constantly investigated needs, organised distribution, consulted experts and adjusted their work to meet unfolding needs. Feedback was positive and Soroptimist International gained valuable publicity and recognition for the valuable disaster relief provided.В 

Best Practice Awards 2021 new

    SISWP HQ - Jessica Aylward     Projects of Excellence

Each year, Soroptimist Clubs and Regions are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award. В The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation, В This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.

This is the 2021 Best Practice Award winners.


ID 2020110543550

This project used lessons learned in a previous project to inform a new focus and direction – one which looked more closely at diversity, financial awareness, health, technology and hands-on workshops. Extremely well-planned and monitored the event provided over 80 women with a range of informed speakers and workshops as well as access to counselors. It specifically addressed community issues such as mental health and an increase in domestic violence during COVID-19.



IDВ 20210306031516
Concerned, during the height of COVID-19, about the mental health and well being of family, friends and community the club decided to run a day which emphasised several aspects of mental health, mind, body and soul as well as anxiety and depression. The well-organised project involved extensive consultation and support results included discussion and monitored progress consistently.

Economic Empowerment

SI Damansara Accelerating Women’s Empowerment with Mentari Sewing Studio@ Desa Mentari
ID 20201218094153

This well-researched and organised project used networks well to undertake sewing lessons and products for a group of the poorest women who lost employment during COVID Movement Controls in the country. Careful research and data use enabled both selection of those for sewing classes as well as evaluation of the project, a Social Enterprise that uplifted and empowered single mothers and women from the poorest segment in society. It has the potential for further growth.

Elimination of Violence

SI Beenleigh 16 days of Activism – a woman has a right to be safe
ID 20201209061100

This four-pronged project arose out of community discussion that identified Domestic Violence(DV) as a major community issue. To broaden its engagement of the community the club decided firstly on an advocacy event – a street vigil. The second component was a large advertisement that addressed DV to run on a large screen in the town square for 16 Days. The dedication of a purple memorial seat in public and the supply of books that addressed the issue to schools completed the project. This effectively planned project utilised the club’s growing network and support from previous campaigns to create a bold, well-planned and executed campaign.


SI Lautoka 500 Trees Pledge
ID 20200831083714

This project which linked with a government policy to plant 4 million trees in 4 years enabled the club to obtain free trees for reafforestation to offset climate change, food security and revenue generation. The club liaised with 8 schools as well as planting in reserved areas. This ensured that trees were protected and maintained as growth was monitored. 500 seedlings of trees native to Fiji were collected and planted and social media posts ensured publicity and encouraged contributions.

Conflict Resolution

SI Lautoka I am Generation Equality; Realising Women’s Rights
ID 2020112905-710

This event, a primary and high school oratory competition, which has been taking place for 7 years, gave 30 future leaders an opportunity to investigate and debate this topic which the Fijian government considers of high importance The club researched data on this issue in Fiji and used their partnership and sponsor network to obtain permission, organise, publicise and secure judges for the competition which is a highly anticipated event in school calendars.

Disaster Relief

SI Beenleigh Drought and Bushfire Assistance Project
ID 20201209063427

Prolonged drought followed at times by bushfires had an impact on farmers whose children could not afford to obtain supplies for school. The club investigated this with the local MP for the Southern Downs, a hard hit region and 6 local schools were identified as most vulnerable. Existing Target 10 bags with 10 crucial supplies already existed but would be needed locally. A donation page was activated for one month and was supported by a social media campaign. Schools were contacted to check what was required and when supplies were organised, members drove long distances to ensure timely delivery. A multi- pronged approach, consultation and organisation ensured that needs were met for the start of the school year.

Best Practice Awards 2017 NEW

    SISWP HQ - Jessica Aylward     Projects of Excellence

Each year, Soroptimist Clubs and Regions are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award. В The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation, В This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.

This is the 2017 Best Practice Award winners.


SI Bayside - Stick it to ViolenceВ PFR 49312

This project, "Stick it to Domestic Violence” was essentially a community education project. It aimed to raise awareness of the issues and educate the whole Redlands community that domestic and family violence is not to be tolerated- Not Now, Not Ever! It was also to suggest an alternative philosophy- “non- violence is contagious- give it to a friend.” Partnerships were formed with a number of community based organisations, including the local council. Funding, obtained through an application by SI Bayside and made available as a template to other organisations, made possible the distribution of 60,000 stickers to every household in the area which had been identified as a “hot spot. Stickers were placed on garbage trucks and council vehicles as well as in other public areas ensured community wide distribution and monitoring and evaluation was thorough and relevant. This was a well-planned, executed and evaluated project which was selected by the Department of Communities, Services and Disabilities as an exemplar of “communities working together.”

Elimination of Violence

SI Region of South QLD - Photo Voice PFR 41683

This project was phase 2 of a previous project which aimed to give a voice to victims and to demonstrate through their voices the need to eliminate Domestic Violence. It involved the production and distribution of a book containing photos and the stories of women for practitioners in the field throughout Queensland. The project involved production of the book within budget, and a plan for distribution and monitoring and was carefully planned and evaluated. 7000 books were produced and distributed throughout the region by clubs and other organisations. Storage, distribution and monitoring were all tracked to ensure efficiency and avoid duplication. Feedback has been positive and this ambitious project achieved its carefully delineated aims.

Economic Empowerment

SI Gold Coast - Sewing Circle for Migrant WomenВ PFR 41777

Their project “Sewing Circle for Migrant Women” is one which has transformed the lives of African refugee women and has enabled them to acquire not only specific skills but increased confidence, improved language and the establishment of a support group.

Collaboration with the local Migrant Centre, partnerships within the local business and now the City Council have seen the initial small group of quiet and unskilled women become a group which has outgrown its original premises. Club members were actively engaged in sessions which taught the use of sewing machines, how to use patterns and templates and ultimately to produce clothing. These skills have enabled an opportunity to find a pathway to employment. Their English language skills have improved, confidence has grown and assimilation into the local community has been accelerated. Its success is measured by increased demand.

SI Invercargill - Murihiku Young Parents Learning Centre PFR 41309

Murihiku Young Parents Learning CentreВ is a project that ensures that teenage mothers have access to the best possible opportunity to achieve future employment by providing mentoring and advocacy on their behalf to ensure that they can achieve their potential. Each young woman is provided with help that is specific to her needs. This may include but is not limited to CV preparation, mentoring, work experience, career advice in specialist areas, grooming and community work. Practical experience through work experience has been facilitated and part time work has been provided. These young mothers are better prepared for work and testimonials validate the effectiveness of the project which is ongoing. Tailored to each student this project provides practical and specialised help towards employment.


SI Murray Bridge - Murray Mallee Wig Library PFR 41869

This project was initiated after members heard about the benefits to women who were suffering from cancer or other health issues and whose confidence and self-esteem had suffered through the loss of their hair.

Their Project “Murray Mallee Wig Library” was initiated after members heard about the benefits to women who were suffering from cancer or other health issues and whose confidence and self-esteem had suffered through the loss of their hair. Discussions with health practitioners verified that there was a local need and the Soroptimist club undertook its establishment. A suitable premise with discreet entry was sourced and equipped. Funds were obtained through a grant application and commercial and private sources provided stock in a variety of styles and colours. Club members organised record keeping, finances and staff the centre. The library was very quickly utilised and services a wide area for women in need

Environmentally Sustainability

SI Lautoka - Vuda Water Project 41755

The village school with more than 350 enrolments was often without water during the dry season and this had significant health implications for hygiene and sanitation

TheВ  project,В Vuda Water ProjectВ was one which reflected solid partnerships between the club, local business, private benefactors and the village school itself. The village school with more than 350 enrolments was often without water during the dry season and this had significant health implications for hygiene and sanitation so often it had to be closed. The club, which has undertaken a number of water projects, was approached by the school. The club investigated the need, calculated the tank size required, approached a local business for a quote and was given free transportation and sourced another private donation. The school undertook to provide piping for a number of purposes. Members maintained constant contact with all parties until the system was installed and then visited the project.

Best Practice Awards 2022 new

    SISEAP WebDev     Projects of Excellence

Each year, Soroptimist Clubs and Regions are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award. В The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation, В This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.

This is the 2022 Best Practice Award winners.


WINNER - SI Sydney 100 Backpacks for 100 Children
Report ID: 20211226124510

$100X100 backpacks for Asylum Seekers Center (ASC) project aligns with SDG 4 Education. We wanted a special centennial celebration for SI’s birthday: a very special centenary project: “$100 school bags for 100 children”. ASC identified 100 children and requested a backpack for each. SI Sydney agreed and extended the target to include contents, so our project target was: 100 ‘loaded’ backpacks which we costed at an average of $100 each.
The Project Timeline was managed with establishing short - term milestones/goals which were achieved through a teamwork. All members endorsed and promoted this project,seeking donations from their networks. ASC, MHN Design Union, Wilson cafГ© and Lithicaustralia were the project partners. Donations were managed by an external, trustworthy agency: Go Fund Me, ensuring transparency, secure money handling and independent monitoring and recording of all donors. The project was promoted through ASC website and social media Facebook and Instagram support groups.


HIGHLY COMMENDED - SI Damanasara - Building Bridges Beyond Borders (BBBB) Online: Fun With English Project
Report ID 20191230044324

BBBB is an educational collaboration between Just Volunteers! (UK) and SI Damansara where international students from various universities overseas are placed in homes/learning centres under SID’s support to provide teaching and mentoring support to local underprivileged children and refugees.
Malaysia went into a complete lockdown on in March 2020 as the Covid-19 Pandemic raged through the country. All schools, shops and businesses were forced to close and no international travel was allowed. BBBB volunteers from overseas were unable to travel to the country. SID had to adapt to the situation and convert the programme to an “online” programme so that children in our partner homes were not deprived of an education. The programme was launched starting with Rumah Aman a residential home for 65 children from impoverished backgrounds. Following this successful pilot run for 3 months it was then implemented in MRCLC, a school for Myanmar refugees in Kuala Lumpur. In 2021, 5 students from the University of Bath, UK, participated as teachers while another 14 volunteers from local universities were also recruited to teach online in 2021.

Elimination of Violence

WINNER: SI Griffith - Educating Our Community About Coercive Control
Report ID20211207103115

Coercive Control is the “hidden in plain sight” form of domestic violence. In early 2022 SI Griffith advocated for legislation to criminalise coercive control in our state. After discussions with workers in the domestic violence space and our local Member of Parliament we decided our next step would be a public education campaign to help people understand exactly what coercive control is. We decided that at social media campaign would reach the largest number of people and that we would produce 16 videos to be uploaded each day during the UN 16 Days of Activis Against Gender Based Violence.
A small committee was formed. Each member prepared suggested scripts and graphics for the 16 videos which were then workshopped by the group. All SI of New South Wales clubs were contacted to see if they would like to be involved and we had input from SI Brisbane Water. One member took on the task of preparing the final scripts and videos. The completed videos were sent to SI of NSW and all New South Wales clubs, our Australian Friendship Link clubs, our local Member of Parliament and SI Australia before the start of the 16 Days of Activism. They were also used by SISWP. One video was uploaded each day from 25 November to 10 December. We were very pleased with our Facebook page statistics in terms of organic reach, visits to our Facebook pages and engagements. As with our previous videos “Always on Alert”, these videos will be used again.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: SI Penang Webinar on Gender-based and cyber violence
Report ID: 20211226051213

In accordance to UN's 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence from Nov 25 to Dec 10 2021, SI Penang organized a zoom talk to advocate change by inviting highly experienced speakers to address this issue. Guest speaker Zarizana Abdul Aziz is a pre-eminent speaker/human rights lawyer from Washington. She has trained 600 judges in Pakistan 200 in Afghanistan on the above topic. In 2022, she will train judges in Timor Leste and Fiji. Judy Cheng-Hopkins - ex-UN Asst Secretary-General for UN Peacebuilding, ex Asst High Commissioner of World Food Bank, "10 Most Powerful Women at the UN" (Forbes). Mediator Joanne Yeoh (SIROM/SISWP) Approx 100 attendees/viewers attended this zoom talk QA from Australia, NZ, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Fiji, Mongolia, USA Indonesia. Local women's groups Women's Crisis Centre and WomenBizSense also attended. As we had amongst the viewers 46 SI Club Federation Presidents, Past Presidents National Reps, 25 SI Members, besides others, we are confident the shared recording of this talk has and will continue to reach many more women and girls. Members of GWL (Global Women Leaders' Voices) were also aware of this talk.

Economic Empowerment

SI Griffith - 100 Bikes of Kindness

As part of the SI Centenary’s 100 Acts of Kindness project, 110 bikes were donated by SI Griffith members and the Griffith community to send to our friendship link club SI Samoa. We worked closely with SI Samoa to develop project goals and work out logistics. A practical plan was developed that would support women and children with the bikes being used for transport, access to services and generation of an income stream. The local Griffith community got right behind us. One young man in Griffith donated his time to repair all the bikes to near new condition. Local businesses donated spare parts, storage venues, the container and transport to Melbourne. A Go Fund Me campaign was set up to raise extra money for shipping costs which had risen significantly during the pandemic. SI Griffith members also donated soft goods suggested by SI Samoa (clothes, towels, sheets, pillows and kitchenware) for packing and donation to the Samoan community. Monetary and in kind support exceeded $AUD 85,000.

Food Security

SI Bangsar - Bank Runcit Project (Food Bank Project)
Report ID:20211210084500

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted the Malaysian economy, mainly caused by the full and various stages of lockdown (Movement Control Order) which were imposed since 18th March 2020. The primary objective of this Project is to feed the hungry. Many families’ income was affected because of the lockdown in Malaysia. For example: the income of a taxi driver was hugely reduced because of the Movement Control Order imposed by the Malaysian Government to curb the spread of virus. Our aim was to provide basic essentials like rice, noodles, bread, cooking oil, flour, beans, sugar, biscuits, eggs, canned goods, milk powder etc, to offer short term relief to those affected by the pandemic. We raised AUD10,500 in cash and AUD9,500 in kind which enabled us to sustain the food bank for 6 months to tide these families over until they get alternative sources of income.



SI Bayside - Demystifying Menopause Forum
Report ID:20210831052629

Hosted an educational forum on Menopause. The forum featured a range of leading Doctors, Naturopaths, Nutritionists and exercise professionals to present and answer questions. To set the scene a harpist played as guests arrived and during afternoon tea to provide a relaxing atmosphere, the format of the event was planned to ensure attendees felt comfortable, and there was the opportunity to network, attendees were seated on round tables to encourage interaction, during the forum an online Question and Answer program was utilized so attendees could ask questions as they thought of them and could remain anonymous. Questions were then dealt with by the speaker at the end of their session.
Information packs were provided to each attendee with brochures, information and samples. Post the event the main powerpoint presentations were emailed to attendees.

Environmental Sustainability

WINNER: SI Brisbane Water - Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
ID 20211215085412

Members were challenged to commit to reducing their carbon footprint in their daily habits. Members shared ways to reduce, repair, reuse and recycle. Speakers were sourced on various topics such as composting, eco friendly cleaning, club members introduced meatless Mondays to their families and the CO2 emission reduction was monitored with over 212 kg reduction for the Month. Recycling of items increased. Awareness and knowledge increased. Members shared their knowledge and experiences with each other. A bonus outcome has been the influence on family and friends as a result of the action taken by our members during the project. We will continue to impart any more ideas and innovations as they come to our notice with club members. Our club passed a motion that "SI Brisbane Water members commit to using eco-friendly utensils and decorations where possible when holding a function"

HIGHLY COMMENDED:В  SI Queensland South - Project Lead SI Bayside - Recycling- Advocacy, Awareness, Action
ID 20211231094459

Reducing our Carbon Footprint Project was devised as a response to Climate Change. It was designed to educate all of our members, their families and friends in a project that would encourage all members to reduce their carbon footprint both in the home and at their workplace by engaging in incremental change in their lifestyle and daily habits. Research was done and goals set for 12-month project. The project concentrated on FOOD, TRANSPORT, ENERGY and RECYCLING, identifying realistically attainable goals. We provided a list of 59 suggestions and 30 were actioned by one or more of our members. Members recorded their changes and we measured/evaluated our success. e.g. In one month the members saved 212kg of CO2 emissions by introducing at least one vegetarian meal per week. In addition, we planted 300 trees in our local area. We engaged the members by using videos, guest speakers, and member presentations on their research and action.

Best Practice Awards 2018 NEW

    SISWP HQ - Jessica Aylward     Projects of Excellence

Each year, Soroptimist Clubs and Regions are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award. В The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation, В This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.

Best Practice Awards for 2018, included in these awards are two special biennium awards, announced by President Theresa Lyford at the beginning of her Biennium, these awards were created to as part of Theresa's vision for clubs to partnership with other clubs on projects.

These two special awards areВ Soroptimists: Be the Changemakers and The Overall Excellence Award.


SI Petaling Jaya -В SPOTВ PFR#T2

Soroptimist Puberty Organizing Toolkit (SPOT).В  The SPOT project fulfills the gaps in Malaysia's sexual health and education for young people, especially young girls on the cusp of poverty.В  Malaysia data from 2012 states that there are more than 18,600 cases of underage pregancis per year and 50.4% of respondents admitted to having sex before the age of 14, this has also resulted in an increase in baby dumping and unsafe abortions.В  SI Petaling Jaya deveopmed the SPOT PuberTeen Talk and SPOT Workshops.В  SPOT is now recoginised by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, supported by the Ministry of Health and the National Population and Family Develoment Board (LPPKN) as well as the Ministry of Women,В  Family and Community Development of Malayia.В В 

The project endeavours to answer the question:В What do I wish I knew back then? By providing modules in a correct and age appropriate manner, through workshops, videos, social media and diaries it seeks to fill the gap between what children should know and their actual knowledge

Elimination of Violence

SI Brisbane -В Answer the Call PFR#42365

This project is based on advocacy and awareness and began as project to ensure that the need for a new Women's Legal Service Helpline that would enable Women's Legal Service Queensland to give a more extensive telephone advice helpline service, particularly to migrant women and women in rural areas. This would enable them to give free legal advice and counselling to more of the 16,000 women whose calls for assistance were currently unmet.В В 

A fund-raising breakfast grew into an extensive advocacy project that involved community awareness and help, submissions on laws before federal and state parliaments and continued partnerships to assist women experiencing violence.The need for greater awareness of the serious consequences for the community of Violence against Women, and highlight the strong support that these women need.

Economic Empowerment

SI Damansara - Life Skills4 Youth PFR#42110

This project aimed to bridge the gap between disadvantaged young women and their more advantaged peers.В  This was achieved by providing them with soft skills to improve their work readiness, work based learning opportunities and mentoring girls into technical opportunities,

Since the commencement of the program in 2013, 1000 underprivileged and at-risk youths across 5 vocational centers have received:
Work Ready Now (WRN) provides training in basic employability skills, knowledge and work ethics needed to prepare youth to successfully transition into the workforce
Work-based learning opportunities that expose students to real-life professional environments where they can apply their skills.

Ths project has placed more than 70% of trainees in full-time jobs within 3 months of graduation

Food Security

SI Lautoka -В Food Security PFR# T12

Whilst brainstorming a Saturday of Service Project, members identified that the Jasper Girl's Hostel would benefit from a more indepth project, with further research the Food Security Project was launched. The Jasper Girls Hostel housed 150 girls from all over Fiji and some of the Regional Countries of the Pacifc.В  SI Lautoka identified that the bulk of the funding from the Methodist Church of Fiji and the Ministry of Education is just for food. The club further identified that Cassava (a root crop) is a major staple food and is used is most of the 3 meals provided to the girls at the hostel.В  The supply of Cassava was costing around $300(Fiji) per month.В  The Food Security project, set about establishing a garden at the Hostel to grow Cassava plants which when grown would supplement the supply of Cassava required by the hostel, money saved in supplying Cassava would be channeled towards other essentials for the students. The project is sustainable and ongoing, the club receives updates from the Hostel handyman on the condition of the garden as well as maintaining weekly checks by members on the gardens condition. Due to the success of this project the grounds keeper has shown interest in further Cassava plantings and establishing new vegetable planting.В 


SI Gold Coast -В Mother's Journey PFR #42224

This project, in conjunction with the NGO University of the Nations in Cambodia, as part of it’s Women at Risk Program.  The Women at Risk Program provides pre natal or post partum care to at risk mothers.  The club sought to ensure effective free medical care, midwifery care and counselling to women in poverty or trauma.  The club was able to identiy how much it would cost to provide one year of free midwifery, medical care, counselling and other needs as required.  Contact with the Midwife from the Women at Risk Program identified a mother Sryeda who was expecting twins and required emergency intervention. The clubs provided funds to support Sryeda, involving blood transfusion surgery for twin pregnancy which saved her life and one surviving twin and continued into appropriate post partum care.

A club member travelled to the visit the Women at Risk Programm and was able to visit and monitor needs while formal communication was established.В  Regular updates from the midwife provide progress updates on both the mother and surviving twin.В 

Soroptimist be the Changemaker

A United Project by SI Damanasara, SI Singapore, SI Phnom Penh, SI Melba - Cycle for Cycles

This project, a joint effort between Damansara, Melba, Singapore and Phnom Penh, acted through fundraising to provide cycles to facilitate the work of Village Malaria Workers who are the front line in the fight against the disease in Cambodia.

Their fundraising and purchase and oversight by the Cambodian club provide success that has led to a request for expansion of the project.

Overall Excellence

SI Petaling Jaya - SPOT Community Program

This project seeks to offset the tremendous gaps in Malaysia’s sexual health and education for young people, especially girls on the cusp of puberty.

It endeavours to answer the question: What do I wish I knew back then? By providing modules in a correct and age appropriate manner, through workshops, videos, social media and diaries it seeks to fill the gap between what children should know and their actual knowledge.

Best Practice Awards 2020 NEW

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Each year, Soroptimist Clubs and Regions are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award. В The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation, В This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.

This is the 2020 Best Practice Award winners.


SI Griffith - SHINE – Empowering & Enabling women

The club wished to provide education on well-being and empowerment and a survey result determined topics to be covered, They obtained a grant to fund the event and on the day they covered topics such as well-being, health, counselling and finance. Local experts were used and 96 women attended the day with very positive evaluations received

Elimination of Violence

SI Griffith -В Always on ALERT-video series

The project was to create 16 videos including interviews with 15 local women of different ages, different backgrounds and different occupations and gave them the opportunity to have their voices heard as they shared with us the realities of how and why they don’t always feel safe. Videos would be released daily during the 16 Days of Activism. Men were also interviewed. The club’s Facebook had an increase in hits and a report on a “Women’s Voices” Consultation Conversation Café.

Economic Empowerment

SI Karratha - Karratha Women’s Place

The club was involved extensively and deeply in the creation of a unique community service for females living in the City of Karratha to assist them to maintain as well as enhance their social, mental and physical wellbeing by providing a range of programs, activities and services that empowers and enhances the experience of women of all ages, religious and cultural backgrounds. .It was the result of a Community Development Survey and a report on a “Women’s Voices” Consultation Conversation Café. Using an existing building Karratha Women’s Place has become a vital part of the community for women.

Food Security

SI Lautoka -В Jasper hostel Food Security

The World Hunger Rate shows that 820 million people are hungry globally. This can impact on education and health. The club chose Jasper Williams Hostel because it is a girls’ hostel and most of them come from socially challenging background whereby they can only afford to pay one dollar per meal. The club undertook planting vegetables and root crops in the grounds as this would greatly assist in supplementing the daily meals provided at the hostel. This project also lowers the food expenses, provides healthy, chemical free and a timely supply of food.

Health Care

SI Ramu -В Mental Hygiene Day

The club sought to celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day as it is not a topic discussed because of cultural customs and taboos. Most girls have little understanding of the topic or the risk of pregnancy caused through ignorance. They visited a primary school and explained issues and distributed donated sanitary products. This is a project which can be replicated if products are available.


Region of Malaysia -В Fresh Water to Rural Communities

This entry detailed the processes, stages and communication involved in a large project to bring fresh water to rural communities in Malaysia. It was the initiative of 6 clubs who gained support from partners. The first stages involved upskilling some female welders, installing rain water harvesting and improving access to water in two communities. Later stages included training in organic farming and crop establishment. Close communication with women in the area has meant improved self- confidence and ownership of activities and responsibilities.

Conflict Resolution

SI Lautoka -В Orange the World Activism

Fiji has some of the highest rates of violence against women and the club wanted a way to get information about the law and services to communities. They targeted two communities and invitations were sent to presentations by the Police and the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre The club organised the event, facts on violence, rape and the need for cyber security and the protection of children were presented. How to avoid violence was stressed.

Presidents Special Awards

Prosper Across Borders - SI Lautoka and SI ACT and Monaro
Literacy Project

This project involved cooperation, funding and communication between two clubs. It was based on a longstanding project to foster literacy. Using partner funds 3 schools in Fiji were presented with a range of books to read. Students could then write a summary and awards were given at each School and at different levels by the clubs. This has been shown to be very effective at encouraging reading. The clubs communicated regularly at each stage of the project .

Mentoring Young Creators
SI Damansara -В Building Bridges Beyond Borders (BBBB)

BBBB is a collaboration between Volunteers UK! and SI Damansara where international students in their gap year are placed in homes or learning centres where they provide tutoring in groups or one to one, particularly for migrant children or refugees A curriculum has been established along with lesson plans. A range of volunteer organisations is involved to cater for the needs of these children and demand is consistent.

Interclub Skills Exchange
SI Bayside and ZontaВ Walk the Talk Redlands

This Queensland club partnered with Zonta to create a community Walk to protest against violence against women This was the first type of event of this nature in the area. Representatives of the two clubs met regularly to determine processes to ensure a safe community events and to ensure that they had met all legal requirements. A successful event reflected careful planning and publicity.

Iconic Rural Woman Leader
SI Ramu - Kimberlty BeremВ 

The Club nominated Kimberly as a leading women for her profession and role within the community and for her great contribution to the Club. In their words: “ The Club has nominated Kimberly because she is the driving force behind the success of our Club since her joining and we are honoured and proud of her achievement and would want for this recognition or award to be given to her as it will also reflect on our Club as well. Also because she is so deserving of this award for the tireless efforts and sacrifices she makes to ensure the Soroptimist flag remains flying in our Community.”

Develop Social Enterprise
SI Penang -В Aquaponics Project

The club wished to support the Women's Welfare Centre in Penang , a women's organisation that provides a wide range of services and assistance to women and girls in crisis. It struggled for funds and a project within its property seemed feasible. The club sought expert assistance and developed, in consultation with the Centre, an aquaculture project which produced vegetables which could be sold to raise funds It also provided training for special needs people. Sales days are always well attended and money goes back into services.

Best Social Media Advocacy
SI Bunbury -В Facebook activism for 16 DaysВ 

Based on the 16 Days of Activism this begins with a street march and regular daily postings on the club Facebook page. A range of sources , Including government, was used and topics include statistics, action to take ,Speak up and staying safe. Club followers, including some international, have increased and Facebook statistics are also up as a result of this campaign.

Best Short Documentary
Region of Malaysia -Fresh Water to Rural Communities

This video detailed the processes, stages and communication involved in a large project to bring fresh water to rural communities in Malaysia. An Initiative of 6 clubs who gained support from partners, it focussed on the first stages from providing water to the move towards food production and upskilling women ownership of activities and responsibilities. This short video looks at several stages of the project
Video link: :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhbKXxjekTE

Best Club Facebook Page
SI Bayside -В Redlands against Violence

Started in October 2019 as part of a Walk the Talk campaign this Facebook page is still active and monitored regularly . While it continues to post about violence it also advertises community events and statistics show that it is still viewed regularly and serves its very diverse community in a number of effective. ways

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