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Tropical Depression made landfall on 16 Dec 2021, bringing torrential rains throughout Peninsula Malaysia over 3 days. Floods affected 8 states and over 125,000 people were affected with 54 dead and 2 missing. At its height more than 71,000 victims were displaced. The most badly affected were Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang and Perak. Aid poured in from the public and the NGOs.

SI Bangsar decided to raise funds to extend help to those affected.  They raised funds from members, friends, relatives and the public via social media.  They received AUD3,000 SISWP’s Disaster Relief Fund which converted to RM8,801.05.  SI Bangsar's Friendship Link Club, SI Helena donated AUD250 amounting to RM688,25.RM.  They raised a total of RM31,744.30 and added RM2796.60 left over from our Bank Runcit, RM2,668.90 from the service fund and RM1,183,70 from our JB Orang Asli fund making a total of RM38,392.50. 

Whilst fund raising, SI Bangsar looked for a partner to work with. They connected with Prakash from Sri Satya Sai Global Malaysia. They agreed that they would concentrate outside the Klang Valley, where aid was less available.  Prakash was familiar with the Karak area in the state of Pahang, flooded by the various rivers and he could arrange storage of goods, ground logistics, staff and transport to distribute the goods contributed by SICB and his network. They recced 4 housing suburbs in Karak Town and SICB decided on Taman Wijaya which comprised 175 single storey houses that were under 2 metres of water. Prakash took them on a shopping trip to Chow Kit to purchase woks, pots and ladles.

11 Jan 2022 – Distribution of woks, pots, ladles, rice, gas stoves, rice cookers, towels and sanitary pads to Taman Wijaya, Karak Town, Pahang.

12 Jan 2022 – Delivery of drinking water and groceries to 52 families in Kampong Sg Lui, Hulu Langat whose natural water supply from the hills was disrupted. The amount of RM3640 was borne by Bank Runcit.

11 Feb 2022 – Distribution of woks, pots, ladles, table fans, electric kettles, gas stoves, rice cookers,  rice, towels, blankets, biscuits, sanitary pads, diapers, toothbrushes and toothpaste to 2 suburbs viz Taman Lancang Indah, which consisted of single storey terrace houses, and Taman Setia Lancang consisting of low cost houses and timber houses. Lancang Town is 30 km from Karak Town.

The balance of pots, wok, ladles and electrical goods were distributed to inner Karak.

They did not forget the natives - the orang asli in the jungles or at the fringes of the jungles, who were as badly affected by the floods and landslides.  Items from the café of SI Bangsar member, Conny Looi. Such as crockery, jugs etc were donated to the orang asli at Pulau Ketam.

They found another partner, John Chin, who had been working with the Orang Asli for 27 years. SICB donated 60 sets of woks, pots and ladles to the natives whose cooking utensils were rusty and battered. John helped distribute to 38 Jakun families at Kg Bugis, Pekan, and other natives in Kampongs in Muadzam Shah and Rompin. Also donating another 60 sets plus rice from Prakash to the orang asli.

SI Bangsar found that the houses of the Orang Asli near Rompin, Pahang, were badly damaged by the floods. They decided to help the nine families repair or rebuild their houses. SI Bangsar bought them the building materials and they provided the labour.  This repair and building is taking some time as the Orang Asli are working in the nearby rubber estates as well as tending to their little plots where they grow cash crops.  Therefore they can only work on their houses whenever they are free.  Also all but 2 of them have decided to build brick houses so that they houses don’t get washed away.  This means that the supplies will not cover the entire cost of building.  This is another reason for the slow progress, as they have to earn the money to buy more materials.

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