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President Vision 2022-2024

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Soroptimist International of the South East Asia Pacific (SISEAP) Federation President Christine Johnstone 2022-2024

Christine Johnstone is our current President for SISEAP 2022-2024, she has been a member of SI Beenleigh Club since 1992 and has held positions including Club Secretary, Treasurer ICT Liason, Region Delegate, Programme/UN Liaison and President.

At the Federation level, she has been the Federation ICT for many years, implementing all of the modern technology communications methods. Christine has also been a team member and project manager for various versions of the SISEAP website. She has developed the specifications for and implementation of the SISEAP Programme database. She has ensured that technology has met the current business needs of the organisation. In addition to ICT, she has also held the role of Federation Public Relations and Assistant Programme Director.

Christine firmly believes that when you join an organisation you need to look for opportunities to contribute to the ongoing growth of the organisation.

It is customary for the incoming President to have a theme for her biennium and she kept coming back to the belief of how powerful our voices areThis Biennium, her vision is  "Our Voice for Change" Her aim is that "Our voice will amplify our areas of concerns" 

When President Christine became a Soroptimist, not long after a global voice for women was introduced as the tag line and is still used todayWhilst we have had other powerful tag lines, Educate Enable Empower Women inspiring action, transforming lives and We stand up for women. Christine kept coming back to - a global voice for women. She said "It still says it all for me, it makes me feel proud that my voice contributes to change worldwide."

Lets break down the meaning of it:
 - we are an international organisation working world wide.
We are
And we have a
 Voice - this is where our power comes from, the power to create the actions and the change.

Whilst President Christine was researching her theme, she kept coming back to five core areas of concern which face us as motivators of change: 

Provide innovative education projects to ensure everyone’s right to education.

Advocate for gender equality, reduce/ing barriers to learning.

Provide micro, small business opportunities and training.

Innovative ideas which connect/provide employment opportunities.

Soroptimists will be agents of change to transform communities and cities for a sustainable future.

This is Us, working together to bring about change, it encompasses everything we as Soroptimists deliver each and every day.

"As we have done for the past 100 years let this biennium be a time where we come together. Let our voices be amplified together to bring about the change we desire."

 Find the 2022-2024 Biennium Toolkit HERE.

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