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Soroptimist International Gender Equality presentation

SISEAP presented at the Soroptimist International CSW68 inperson event - Gender Equality. 

This is a recording of SISEAP's presentation at that event.

It showcases how SISEAP's projects and advocacy address the barriers to women reaching gender equality and the SDG goals.  In particular it showcases the Stitching Dreams project.  

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CSW68 Conversations with SISEAP Representatives

Join, Dr Donnell Davis Programme Convenor, SISEAP President Christine Johnstone, Scholarship winner Aishah Biniti Hassan Harsi, Representative Oyungerel Rensten, and SI Global Advocacy Chair Leigh Ellwood-Brown as they provide in depth discussion on SISEAP's participation at CSW68

Learn about CSW68 and why it is important for Soroptimists to be involved.

Tuesday 16th of April, 5pm AEST

Click this link to join the meeting.

or scan the QR Code

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Soroptimist International of Pearl of the Orient was chartered by SISEAP President Christine Johnstone on 23 March 2024.

The Charter Ceremony was held in Rasa Sayang Hotel, Penang, Malaysia and well attended by Soroptimist International President Siew Yong Gnanalingam, SISEAP President-Elect Joanne Yeoh (who was also the Region Extension Convenor), National President Malaysia Michele Kaur, SI Region of Malaysia President Soon Lay Ean and Si Region of Malaysia President-Elect Rebecca Lai.

The Charter Members of SI Pearl of the Orient totalling 15 members were accompanied by their Soroptimister spouses and boasted a pair of mother-daughter Soroptimists – a multi generational impact.

Members of SI Pearl of the Orient

SI Pearl members and their Soroptimister spouses

Soroptimist International members at the Charter

During the Charter Ceremony, SISEAP  President Christine, SI Pearl President Malicca Ratme and SI Pearl Secretary Pravin Jessy penned their signatures onto the Charter Document. Thereafter, President Malicca received her Chain of Office from President Christine.

The charter members of SI Pearl received their SISEAP badges, copies of the Club’s constitution, membership certificates, name badges and flowers

The dancers of SI Pearl (who call themselves “Black Pearl” showcased a dance accompanied by a traditional Maly song named “Madu dan Racun” (translated to “Honey and Poison”). Which you can watch HERE.

Joanne Yeoh

President-Elect (2022 - 2024)

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Educate, Empower, Enable, Femimist Financial Freedom.

SISEAP's virtual presentation at CSW 68.   Dr Donnell Davis Programme Convenor, joined by SISEAP President Christine Johnstone, Panalists Aishah Biniti Hassan Harsi and Oyungerel Rensten, provide indebth discussion on SISEAP's grass roots projects, enabling women and girls to achieve financial independence.

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Blog by Dr Donnell Davis, Programme Convenor, on SISEAP representation at the UNESCAP APSDF11 meeting held in Bangkok February 2024

Dr Donnell Davis, SISEAP Programme Convenor (R) lina Pancheva (SI Bangkok (L)

The United Nations Economic and Social Council for the Asia Pacific (UNESCAP) hosted the 11th Sustainable Development Forum in February 2024. One thousand people attended during the week including Youth Forum, formal roundtables, workshops, side events, a reception and a peaceful protest. The roundtables concentrated on the 2024 themes of poverty, hunger and climate interrelationships (SDG1,2,13) but always accompanied by the enabling SDGs 16 and 17 for good governance, strong institutions and financial partnerships. The outcomes document is our joint
contribution to the High Level Political Forum in New York in July 2024. However, our debates also contributed to other UN programs directions.
Only two representatives are allowed to participate for each UN ECOSOC accredited organisation.
Under the new UNESCAP protocols, SISEAP requires accrediation in its own right. We were represented by Elina Pancheva (SI Bangkok) and myself as Programme Convenor. We attended every session and shared our findings across different roundtables. While Elina focussed on the food and climate sessions, I focussed on governance and financial partnerships. We both appreciated the panel sessions every plenary and structured session.
Highlights were the SDG report card on five Asia Pacific Regions performance. SISEAP are across two – The Pacific and South East Asia. Some countries are 32 years behind in SDG targets, while most countries lack some target data. Regression is seen in all climate targets across all regions. SDG 5 performance for women is variable, given stresses of climate, corruption, covid and costs of living. Food security has many facets – not just the climate impacts, agricultural productivity and land sovereignty, but in lack of accessibility to good nutrition, and in urban areas – unseen expenses and price gouging. Poverty presented in many ways like housing, children taken out of school, medical scams, financial stresses for rural and urban dwellers that triggers violence as a coping mechanism - as well as personal stresses where women are the last to be fed, educated or paid, especially for care work. The most vulnerable elders, children and people with disabilities were further disadvantaged when facing multiple crises. They are falling further behind, so UNDP calls on us to explore injustices that undermines all good intentions. They have 5 techniques that we could adopt. Guy Bernard Ryder (UN Under Secretary General Policy) launched ‘The Pact for the Future’ as a major reform effort because the 1946 and 1948 UN declarations may no longer be fit-for-purpose.  They have served many generations, but how do we codify language and laws to cater for 7 future generations (the way indigenous peoples did). Already an Office for Youth was established so that young people can consider our legacy while catering for unborn children in their resolutions. The Asia Pacific NGOs gave blunt review of the five chapters that shape our foreseeable future (underpinning values for ethical decision making, peace and diplomacy, global digital compact, emerging AI, youth shaping future in law and implementation, public participation and universal basic wage, global governance including sovereignty of outer space. Soroptimists should overlay our gender lens on all chapters.  Each of the panel sessions brought innovative perspectives, technology and partnerships across borders and sectors. ADB is 50, refining focus on feminist finance and climate action at community level for greatest impact. The Feminist Development Justice panel shared unsustainable development, the gig economy for women, alternative trials for safety nets (ILO), the power of education for confidence and flexibility for girls – including STEM, new reporting regimes, the impact of pollution and extractive industries of on health (private profiteering built on social loss), and business and governments social license to operate. All countries benefit from better education, more female participation in the paid workforce, and opportunities for impactful entrepreneurship. Some women will lodge joint responses from our workshop to HLPF and Pact for the Future. SDG11 Mini UNESCAP APSDF11 overview relies on community to implement a third of SDG targets, government one third, and the other third in collaboration. This translates to women leading those action in many communities.

Soroptimist actions
Soroptimists can build stronger relationships in the regions with new UN Residency roles, and pledges by national and local governments to invest in blue and green bonds for highest impact for a fairer future.

Dr Donnell Davis

  • silent demonstration

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Read the importance of Education, as the Five Soroptimist Federations celebrate  International Day of Education, by telling the stories of the collaborative effort around the globe, undertaken by Soroptimists.  these stories tell of SI’s programmes and commitments to education.

Read the Stories

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2022-2024 President Christine Johnstone provides a snap shot of some of the projects undertaken by SISEAP clubs in 2023. 

Education is a human right, and Soroptimist from the South East Asia Pacific Federation spend time, energy and finances on education projects which empower individuals, embrace opportunities across the whole life cycle, shape and build strong communities strengthening bonds and fostering better understanding and perspectives. 

Through various projects undertaken by Soroptimist clubs, individuals are empowered and communities are strengthened. From providing STEM workshops to unconventional teaching methods for immigrant women, these projects aim to shape and build strong communities.

Additionally, scholarships, educational resources, and financial assistance were provided to those in need.

The impact of education is highlighted, as each additional year of schooling can significantly improve lifetime earnings and reduce maternal deaths.

Soroptimists are determined to create positive change and let their voices be heard.

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Federation Wide Creative Arts Competition commences on the 1st of February.  The expanded competition this year also incorporates Poetry and Photography.  This Federation wide competition is open to students from age 6 to 18.  The Creative Arts competition will enable students through visual arts to amplify their voice for change.  

Toolkit and more information is available HEREThis Federation wide competition is open to students from age 6 to 18.

The Creative Arts competition will enable students through visual arts to amplify their voice for change.  

Enter your art work

How can you be involved in this exciting Creative Arts Competition.

Are you aged between 8-18

You can submit art work in 3 mediums

To submit your artwork, please contact,  to arrange either postage of your work or a link to download your entry.  All entries must be received prior to the 20 May for inclusion in the judging. 

Also please complete this entry form to be included with your entry.   document Entry Form  (228 KB)


Get involved! Give students a voice and partnership with schools in your community.

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Round 6 Announcement we have 2 winners.

Congragulations to Soroptimist International Morton North for the proposed Murik Lakes Seeds of Friendship Community Garden Project 


Congratulations to Soroptimist International Joondalup for their proposed East Timor '24 project.

The Murik Lakes Seeds of Friendship Community Garden Project will provide opportunities to Educate, Empower and Enable the women and girls to plan for their future, allows for their economic growth and opens doors to their dreams, by teaching them to grow food, providing them with materials (seeds, fertiliser etc.) to build and grow sustainable vegetable gardens. This empowers the women to feed their families a healthy well-balanced diet not relying on rice and seafood only. Growing their own food enables them to earn income from the sale of excess produce at market, they can re-sprout seeds from previous crops, making it a sustainable project. The income generated helps them purchase medical and school supplies and contribute to the Darapap Women’s Co-operative Society.

The East Timor '24 Project The aim of this project is to bring two qualified professional young women from Dili in Eat Timor, Pascoela Bareta and Maria Guterres , to Perth where they will visit hospitals, cancer treatment clinics, libraries and educational facilities to observe modern practices, the learnings gained from the educational visit will empower them to increase their potential and to improve the lives of women and children in East Timor.  These young women are already leaders in their communities, one in the field of 
education and the diagnosis of cancer in women and the other in inclusive library management and the
implementation of education scholarships,  by expanding their knowledge, and observing modern methods and ideas, they will take these learnings back to East Timor to improve their own practices and empower the knowledge to others. 

Image below of the Xanana Gusmao Reading Room, managed by Maria.

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Congratulations to Soroptimist International Rangatahi Wellington, who are the successful winners of Round 5 of the Brilliant Futures Fund with their Ovarian Cancer Awareness Project

The project will directly address the issues of Ovarian Cancer, by raising awareness of ovarian cancer, its symptoms, and risk factors, aligning with SISEAP's commitment to women's health.
SISEAP's mission to educate, empower and enable is carried out in this project. We will educate by spreading critical knowledge about ovarian cancer, enabling informed choices. By providing comprehensive yet user-friendly resources, we will enable women to take charge of their health and well-being. Furthermore, we will empower women and communities to support affected individuals and advocate for change in the face of this devastating disease in partnership with an ovarian cancer charity. This project not only reflects
SISEAP's vision and mission but also embodies the organisation's dedication to being a voice for women

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SISEAP Membership

Soroptimist International is a global movement of women, with members belonging to more than 3,000 clubs in 126 countries/territories, spread over 5 Federations