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Entries have been received for the Federation wide Art Competition

The art competition has provided a vehicle for students to amplify voices through visual art. SISEAP is pleased to be able to showcase the students creativity.  Their art works tell their story,  as they share their concens of how humans live and care for their environment.   

We are pleased to showcase the art works.

7 - 12 years age group

FIRST PRIZE:   Awarded to Eshal Naeem - When sustainability grows, we grow


THIRD PRIZE:  Charis Wong and Alexis Bailey 

Artist =- Eshal_Naeem, Australia 

Artist - Khloe Teo Malaysia 

Artist: Charis Wong., New Zealand

Charis writes, "This artwork is what I want for the future world. I want it to be more eco friendly so that the ocean is less polluted (with Jelly fishes around), new plants will be able to sprout (sprouting plant in the rain). We can have a clear sky (white cloud in the blue sky, less light pollution so that we can see the stars at night. We will be able to have fresh air to breathe (the blue swirl in the drawing. Minimize the use of pesticides so that bees and bugs can help pollinate the plants. We will have a beautiful nature scenery through the seasons (cherry blossom, green vines, autumn leaves). Therefore we should reduce, reuse and recycle to save our world now. " 

Artist Alexis Bailey, Australia 

Under 7 years

FIRST PRIZE:  Gabrielle Chavarri 

Artist Gabriella Chavarri aged 5 years 

13 -18 Years

FIRST PRIZE: Low Yeong Shi

SECOND PRIZE: Kira Manning

Artist - Low Yeong Shi, Malaysia 

Using a wavy art style reminiscent of water, wind, and sound, this artwork portrays two contrasting environments. On the left, there's the thriving tree, while the right side represents a polluted setting, with air pollution and rising temperatures. As temperatures soar, drought becomes evident, manifesting as cracks on the figure's head. Below, a polar bear underscores the impact of melting ice on its habitat. The water emerging from the figure's mouth appears dirty, with floating debris—an unsettling reminder of the widespread issue of microplastics in our food, resulting from irresponsible human actions. Overall, the central female figure symbolizes both Mother Nature's resilience and the strength to fight for her rights. Nature too will fight for itself, and the consequences of our actions will inevitably return to us.

Artist - Kira Manning - Australia

Walking the Earth in harmony with ancestors, animals, plants and spirits

Video Art Work

FIRST PRIZE:  Matilda Grant and Tianian Shen 

Video Entry - Filmmakers Matilda Grant and Tiantian Shen. The video focus is on the impact of waste with a strong call to action to 'pick it up' 

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