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This program aligns with the SISEAP vision and mission by taking up the challenge to educate and help teenage girls cope with the challenges they face in their growing up years.

SI Bangsar - Teenagers Survival Kit

Awarded AUD 10,000
June 2021

Latest News: 

After many months of virtual activities, we finally had our first face to face workshop on 13/7/22 at Sekolah Menengah Puteri Titiwangsa (a girls school).

A workshop on Teen Health for 145 Form 4 (14 years) girls was facilitated by SICB members Dr Inthirani, Pheng and Sim. There were slides presentation, videos sharing and group activities during the 4 hours program. We hope to be able to have more face to face workshops from now.
Keep in touch with the project progress:

Facebook: SICB Teenage Survival Kit and Soroptimist International Club of Bangsar

You Tube Channel: SICB Teenage Survival Kit

Project values and goals

SICB aims to provide comprehensive information on the topics, and teenagers will be guided to resources where they can get the help they need. Teenagers will be given a safe space to ask questions and discuss these subjects with adults who are experts in these fields. Parents, care givers, teachers, and counsellors of teenagers were also invited to join in the webinars and project.

The first pilot webinar was held in March 2021 on Teenage Pregnancy and Baby Dumping to a group of young college students. A second webinar held in May 2021 was expanded to parents, grandparents, teachers, school counsellors, and care givers. As at 31st March 2022, a total of 7 webinars and 2 focus group discussions have been conducted with excellent reviews and useful feedback.  

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the official launch of the project was postponed and there was a soft launch instead during the “It’s Great to be Teens!” virtual workshop in January 2022. SICB launched a video competition to engage more teenagers in the TSK project to make videos on the various topics in the modules. Teenagers can be very creative and are able to convey key messages in different ways.  The competition has attracted some good entries so far.  

SISEAP and SICB is hopeful that with more funding and fundraising, the TSK will continue to make a meaningful impact and create greater awareness amongst Malaysians nationwide on the various topics affecting teenagers. 

The program will cover six main topics of concern for today’s teenagers. Besides providing knowledge, teenagers will be guided to resources where they can seek help. They can ask questions, discuss problems in a safe space with experts (including SICB members) in the relevant fields. They hope that the interaction will enhance their knowledge, enable them to share their concerns, learn from others, experience peer/adult support, improve their self-esteem and give them confidence to deal with these daily issues. The girls will have a chance to stay in school, feel safe, continue with the education they deserve and grow up assured and armed with the tools to contribute to a happy and healthy community.

Teenagers today are faced with many challenges…stress, depression, bullying, sexual activity, peer pressure and many more. Teenage girls are more vulnerable as they risk facing pregnancies and sexual harassment. Many of the issues are considered taboo in society. The culture and education systems do not encourage open discussions on these topics, hence teenagers have no one to turn to when they are in trouble.

An Awareness Program will cover these topics:

1. Teenage Pregnancies and Baby Dumping

2. Underage Sex & Child Marriage

3. Depression & Mental Health

4. Cyber Safety

5. Bullying

6. Sexual Grooming & Sexual Harassment

The program will provide comprehensive information and knowledge on how to deal with these issues. They will be guided to resources where they can seek help when they need it. Teenagers will also be given a safe space to ask questions and discuss these subjects with adults who are experts in these fields. With the education, teenagers will be empowered to make healthier and safer life choices to contribute to a happy and healthy community.

The project aims to help over 500 women, 1000 girls and 600 boys.

Project Update:

Covid has prevented the project from having face to face workshops but there have been several webinars held, one of the webinars on Teenage Pregnancy and Baby Dumping had 90 attendees 80% women and 20% men.  Work commencing for this period will be Train the Trainers and production of video and hopefully the implementation of face to face events.

The implementation of this ground breaking project would not have been possible without the funding from the Brilliant Futures Fund.

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