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SI President's Appeal 2021-2023 - Opening Doors to a Bright Future

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SI PA 2021 2023 Opening Doors


Launched on 1 October 2021, SI President Elect Maureen Maguire invites all Soroptimists to join her in “Opening Doors to a Brighter Future”. With education at its’ heart the Appeal will establish projects in each of our five Federations, the first being in Cambodia where we will simultaneously provide vital access to education for girls aged 10 to 15 years and empower women to develop self-confidence through mentoring programmes. Objectives of the appeal are:

• Provide access to education in all its forms for disadvantaged and marginalised women and girls.
• Provide education to women and girls in a safe, friendly, and stimulating environment where there is equality of opportunity and support for all.
• Develop mentoring programmes that encourage confidence, self-esteem and increase the participation of women and girls in society and in decision-making.
• Increase access to information, educational resources, and services, to empower women and girls to make informed life-choices.

Building on a tangible thread running through the very heart of Soroptimist work, “Opening Doors to a Bright Future” will cement the Soroptimist belief and commitment to Education throughout the life-course, and its immense power and fundamental role as a driver for sustainable development, peace, and equality. Investing in girls’ education brings high rewards, breaking cycles of poverty and aiding economic growth. Education empowers women, girls, and their communities, delivering skills and knowledge, whilst increasing confidence. Enabling women and girls to make informed decisions affecting their future wellbeing, health, participation, and quality of life.

The first appeal will be established in the Federation of the South West Pacific, in the South East Asia Nation of Cambodia.  Soroptimists and supporters are encouraged to donate to this project.

You can read further information on the appeal here https://www.soroptimistinternational.org/openingdoors/ Member donations to Opening Doors to a Brighter Future will be transferred to Soroptimist International Foundation (registered in England and Wales 1194895) which has been set up to maximise opportunities for SI’s work around the world.


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