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Why Soroptimists support and care about advocating during the 16 days of Activism.

The 16 Days is an annual international campaign that begins on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and runs until 10 December, Human Rights Day.

During this time the voices of Soroptimists are amplified as we call for action against the persistent violence against women and girls, which is a violation of their human rights.

 We know the statistics, they have not changed for decades, , we have all heard that this violence is committed against women on the basis of  orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics,  women and girls are especially at risk of violence during conflict, where sexual violence becomes a weapon of war.

 The UN’s theme for 2023 is “UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls,”  the UN site states The COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts and climate change have exacerbated the risks for this violence and generated new threats, amplifying the vulnerability of women and girls.”

This year, the 5 Federations have joined to have a united theme for the 16 Days, this theme is “Wired for Change”Techs impact on gender based abuse.  Wired for Change looks at the impact that technology has had in shaping gender-based abuse and violence; how it has been a force for bad but also how it has impacted the world positively.

 Soroptimist involvement in providing services on a local level in our communities cannot be understated.  Throughout the year your personal and soroptimist commitment ensures the conversation is kept current, your advocacy and actions create opportunities for women’s empowerment.  During the 16 Days, these actions are heighten as we UNITE to amplify our voices for the change we desire a world free from violence in all its forms.

 Use the media and toolkits provided from Soroptimist International and our own Federation to show your support to ending Violence against Women.   

Christine Johnstone
President 2022-2024

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Message from President Christine Johnstone, on this International Day of the Girl Child.  Statement and interview with Danielle Hughes, science awardee and members of SI South Adelaide. 

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On the 8th of September each year, the world united to commemorate International Literacy Day. It is a day that underscores the profound impact of literacy on individuals, communities and entire nations. More than just a celebration, it is a powerful reminder that literacy is a fundamental human right. As we mark this important day, we proudly share with you the impactful literacy projects from SISEAP Soroptimists.This work brings not just reading and writing opportunities but includes empowerment, equality and access across the whole life cycle. 

SI Bangkok

SI Bangkok initiated an outreach project during the Covid pandemic in 2020. Located in Ratchaburi province, around a 2 hours’ drive from Bangkok, the Nongplamo Pittayakom school serves secondary students, some of whom are from low-income families. Such children are often being raised by grandparents as their parents have separated and/or have left the province to seek employment elsewhere.
As a result of the nation-wide lockdowns, many providers for these children lost their jobs or saw their incomes diminish significantly; they could no longer support the students’ tuitions and other related expenses like uniforms and lunches. We pledged 12,000 baht (AUD 500+) per child to help the students with the greatest need, supporting 13 to 16 girls and boys from 2020-2022 with the goal of keeping them in school. Funds were raised among members and friends of SI Bangkok both in Thailand, Japan and Australia. This continues into 2023.

SI Bangkok scholarship cropped


 SI Beenleigh & “Follow the Sugar Trail”

SI Beenleigh along with Beenleigh Quota and Rotary, commissioned a book, “Follow the Sugar Trail”, explaining the history of their community. This book is provided to 8 and 9 years old students attending schools in their district. SI Beenleigh President Vicki is presenting the book to children at a book giving event organized at school together with member Soroptimists.

SI Geelong

A project to provide Literacy and Numeracy bags to Prep students starting in seven local primary schools in a lower socio-economic area of Geelong. Each kit contains numeracy material and age appropriate reading material for pre-school children. The bag also serves as a library bag so that the children may borrow books from the pre school library.

SI Geelong literacy and numeracy bags edited

SI Lautoka

SI Lautoka members understand the profound impact of reading. Club members therefore actively contribute to a local school by establishing and maintaining a library. The members understand the vital role of nurturing children’s curiosity and imagination, as such keeping the library well stocked with a diverse selection of engaging and captivating books.

SI Lautoka literacy

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Welcome to April newsletter. It has been such a privilege to represent Soroptimist International over the past two months while the Programme Team has kept home fires burning for SISEAP. A summary of the 52 days of reality check, enlightenment, and inspiration will be shared on the website

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Digital Democracy for Disasters Workshop presented by Soroptimist International South East Asia Pacific at the UN during CSW67 in New York.

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CSW67 Session report from SISEAP

SISEAP Delegate to CSW67 Judy Toll, reports on a session from International Women's Day event. Stem from Dance. 

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We are excited to announce our new name Soroptimist International South East Asia Pacific (SISEAP).

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SISEAP 2022-2023 President Christine Johnstone sends IWD wishes to SISEAP members on IWD day from the UN New York.

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It is 5 days since the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.  The deep sorrow we feels as we witness the devasting destruction of communities, the loss of thousands of lives, livelihoods and the tearing apart of families, as of today it is being reported that 19,388 lives have been lost. This earthquake will leave deep scars for generations.   We must also remember that there are many Soroptimist Sisters in Turkey who have lost everything.

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Soroptimist International is a global movement of women, with members belonging to more than 3,000 clubs in 126 countries/territories, spread over 5 Federations